“Saturday, December 2nd. Mom I like girls And after that it all went cursing and yelling me to suicide. She (as a mom) doesnt deserve that. She told me to make her a favour and kill myself. I went familyless from that moment. She called my girlfriend and told her that she better stop calling … READ THE STORY

Asumi (left) and Oriana stand in the light of a police car during a nightly raid. "There's lots of physical and verbal abuse, and the police will break into the women's homes and arrest all of the women in the house,” says photographer Danielle Villasana. "There are some accounts of police arresting transwomen who aren't even working, they just arrest them for being transgender. A woman might be running to get food during a police raid, in her pajamas and not in her work clothes, but she will still get arrested.”

Takeover: Danielle Villasana/

Danielle Villasana shares stories from “A Light Inside”, documenting transgender women living in Peru.