Veralucia /

“I migrated to the United States from Peru in 2001 when I was 8 years old. Even in Peru, as a child, I knew I was queer. I lived as an undocumented immigrant before I was provided with Deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) and have finally been adjusted to permanent residency. In my time in The States, I was outed and now that I am unapologetically out, some of my family in Peru doesn’t know how to take it. I was able to travel to Peru after 18 years, and I realized it’s very don’t ask, don’t tell. Queer/gay activity was decriminalized here in 1991, but there’s no protection for the LGBTQAI+ community. It’s all hush hush and I have no shame in being who i am.

It hurt to come home and not feel home.

In the United States I feel like a stranger, but here? I feel like I don’t belong at all.”

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