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“Saturday, December 2nd. Mom I like girls

And after that it all went cursing and yelling me to suicide. She (as a mom) doesnt deserve that. She told me to make her a favour and kill myself. I went familyless from that moment. She called my girlfriend and told her that she better stop calling me and yelled at her. She deleted her number from my phone! I wanted to ran from home but they left me locked at my room. Like a prisoner.

Next morning I talked to my girlfriend and she told me that my mom threatened her to kill her. My girlfriend told everything to her mother.

Weeks after that we started to see each other secretly, we were trying to escape from our houses. My happiness is in risk! She left her home and I could escape from home to go and look for her. I found her and we were really happy for few hours until I got back home and my mom told me to go live with my dad. But I’m still living here with my mom. Because if I leave they will hurt my girlfriend.

I know that someday I’m going to be able to be FREE and HAPPY

But how to look at your own mother knowing that few months before she told you to kill yourself? I hope that someday she could accept me. She always knew it because on the previous years I told her that I had known a girl and she forbid me to be in touch with her. Then I was with a girl and had to hide it from my family. I didn’t want to but I had to.

I cant bear seeing how free they are! How can they make a living while im locked in a cage as a bird and they only let you go out to go work. I have been with boys but I felt as if something was missing and i found that something in girls.

I do not regret loving because that’s the most beautiful thing in the world. I feel that if someday I will leave my home im going to be through the same living hell again.

I’m telling my story to encourage others to do it so. I know how scary it could be and you might be through the same as me but if you don’t do it you are going to be unhappy with yourselves and that is worst. Look for the righteous moment to do it and never regret loving. You know your families so DO IT! IN MY COUNTRY WE ARE NOT ABLE TO GET MARRIED… YET.”

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