Witness Change produces highly visual storytelling on seldom-addressed human rights abuses. We expose oppression and humanize the oppressed. We amplify the voices of those who have survived abuse, we document the stories of those who have not, and we stand for the end of human rights violations for generations to come. We collaborate with experts and advocates to transform opinions, open minds, and change policies.


We use photography-based story telling on human rights issues to present evidence of abuses, to humanize survivors, and to connect with audiences.


We use in-depth journalism to give a voice to the abused.


We use research to bring a deeper, fuller understanding to the issues we address.


We inform decision-makers and the public, providing them with the knowledge to take action. We work with media partners to disseminate our work, and we run exhibitions, give talks, and produce multimedia outputs to engage a variety of audiences.


Witness Change helps worthy organizations that work on the issues we address by telling their stories and by connecting them to those with the resources they need to meet their goals. 

We use our photography, journalism, and research to produce targeted advocacy tools, including exhibitions, social media campaigns, and fundraising events.

Learn more about Witness Change at www.witnesschange.org