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“I came out as bisexual after six years in the closet. My family was surprisingly supportive, considering that i come from a long line of catholics. very few of my extended family members have heard the news, though, and a few of them in particular worry me.

it’s an entirely different story at school. Bit of backstory, My hometown is extremely southern and extremely conservative. prejudice and trump flags are everywhere. the alt-right is flourishing. the local chapter of “sons and daughters of the confederacy” always rides in the christmas parade. and my school, as enlightened as it pretends to be, is just as awful. one group of boys in particular targets me, calling me an e-girl and a faggot, laughing at my deep voice, loudly proclaiming how much they hate the “Lgbtxyz” community whenever I’m around. one of them even texted me a picture of him smirking in a trump hat, asking me if i liked it.

my parents don’t know about the bullying, and i know if i reported it that nothing would happen. one of these boys was once caught talking about how much he wanted to torture a transgender student and cut off their penis. He said this right in front of a teacher. and what did that teacher do? nothing. Just shook his head and went on grading papers.

i’m looking forward to the day graduation rolls around, when i can get myself out of this horrible, mean little town and find more people like me. I know i don’t have it even a fraction as bad as so many members of the lgbt+ community across the world, but it hurts just the same.”

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