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Skye Lee /

While many might perceive the growth of Hong Kong as a positive trajectory, my reality as a queer Hong Kong resident paints a different picture. My experience of growing up in Hong Kong was far from contentment, as my sexuality created a noticeable barrier to connecting with others within society.

Our societal norms discourage individuality, creativity, and diversity. In this environment, conforming to established social standards, traditions, and cultural norms is expected. Consequently, young individuals often forsake their passions, unique personalities, and desired lifestyles as they mature, pressured by societal expectations. Even if they do dare to defy these norms, the challenges of sustaining themselves become substantial due to the burdensome cost of living, a limited scope of market interests, and a lack of governmental support.

Over the past decade, political oppression and corruption in Hong Kong have instilled a sense of turmoil and uncertainty, weighing heavily on my daily life and engendering feelings of suffocation and distress.

My relocation to Canada has fostered a sense of acceptance, liberation, and relaxation. In this new setting, I am free to embrace my uniqueness, exhibit a free-spirited nature, and express my flamboyant self without the constraints of societal moulds.

Canada’s wealth of career opportunities far surpass those available in Hong Kong, substantiating the notion of pursuing one’s vocation without prejudice. Here, individuals can harness their talents and pursue their dreams, garnering the respect of their peers.

Furthermore, Canada seems to endorse greater freedom of speech. Unlike in Hong Kong, where expressing dissenting opinions could lead to surveillance and arrest due to governmental discord, in Canada, our voices can resonate without fear of persecution for holding differing thoughts and beliefs. Having found solace in my current situation, I am prepared to unfurl my wings and share love, positivity, and inspiration with people across the globe.”


Skye Lee shared their story with the project ‘Shadows’ by photographer Bobby Khurana. Having a passion for storytelling, art and aesthetics, Bobby shares his project ‘Shadows’. Embrace the opportunity to illuminate the depths of darkness, and behold as shadows unveil the hidden beauty within the ordinary. As you project your personal aspirations onto the canvas of self-identity, these images possess the power to transport you beyond the confines of your own existence. Delve into the realm of fashion and embellishment, approached with a conceptual finesse, as presented in their latest pictorial narrative.

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