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I’m Prasenjit Das, a 36-year-old individual from Delhi, filled with aspirations and dreams. I recognized my sexuality at a young age, and personally, embracing it was a natural and effortless process. Being attracted to men was, for me, just another facet of human nature. As I matured, societal perspectives revealed that this attraction was often regarded as unconventional, but my fascination with the male form remained constant.

I’ve been open about my sexuality with my family since I turned 18. While their initial reaction was one of rejection, my resilient nature shielded me from the impact of their responses. As the drag queen Jinx Monsoon aptly puts it, their opinions were like “water off a duck’s back” to me. Fortunately, my friends seemed to intuitively understand, sparing me from any additional coming-out conversations. This support has been a blessing.

My journey thus far has been a tapestry woven with varied experiences. I’ve had the privilege of engaging in a single relationship during my formative years, and though subsequent relationships have eluded me, I accept that this is my unique narrative. My focus turned towards crafting a successful career, and this endeavour introduced me to a captivating array of people along the way.
Life has brought its share of joys and challenges. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by remarkable friends and have encountered intriguing individuals on the dating scene. As I approach my 37th year, my heart’s desire is a life imbued with happiness and fulfilment. I aspire to find love, much like the countless individuals who have been fortunate enough to experience its transformative power.”


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