Rick is a 23 year old gay Jamaican. He says he’s always been treated like an outcast because of his sexuality. His family does not accept him, especially his mother who, he says, hates him. On several occasions he’s attempted suicide. He says there are people who want to kill him, and that he has to have sex with men to get money to eat. To contact: Williams.ricardo21@gmail.com, ph +1(876)2832816. Social Media handles: FB: Ricardo Williams, IG: ricardo201117, TW: wilily_ricky. Jamaica is one of 76 countries where same-sex acts are illegal. The LGBTQI+ community in the country have regularly faced violent homophobic and trans-phobic attacks, and discrimination in almost every sector of society. However, in the last ten years, through the emergence of courageous grassroots LGBTQI+ grassroots non-governmental organizations and activists, the country has seen progressive gains for LGBTQI+ acceptance. Photo Robin Hammond/NOOR for Witness Change. 30 September 2016

Rick /

“Hi my name is Rick I am 23 years of age and I’m gay. Growing up I was always being treated like an outcast. I have been homeless more than one. I have been raped two times- my family doesn’t accept me, my mother hates me badly. I have tried killing myself more than once. I am feeling very lost, lonely and unloved. Every day I wish I would just die, I cry myself to sleep almost every night. I don’t feel safe anymore; there are guys out there want to kills me because I’m gay. I have to being having sex with random guys to get money to eat; being gay in Jamaica is very hard. I am Rick and I am a 23 year old gay guy and I want to be loved, cared for and feel safe. “

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