Nyella Love /

“Marilyn Monroe once said “sometimes thing’s fall apart so that better thing’s can fall together” for a while I’ve battled with constantly falling apart mentally not accepting myself for who I am and at the time completely loving myself truth be told I’m at the point where I no longer care for what people may say. Nor do I care for what they thing about me because the judgment is not theirs but God’s and despite what people may believe God is something very important to me. With that being said it’s my time to now demand the respect that has been wrongfully taken from me I am a transgender woman and I have always known who I was. I’m currently undergoing this transition, and sometimes it’s still hits that this is a huge step in my journey. I’ve denied myself for years upon years being shunned upon by those I loved most. was something that I couldn’t bare to deal with, At times I’d do thing’s as simple as waiting to be alone. so that I can express the woman that was always within, because instead of being accepted as Nyella Beatrice Love! I was bashed by those closest to me including family, for being gay Nicodemus Paul Van Desveer. At times the fight to be who I am now becoming was something that pushed me to the point of suicide. I thought that it was my only way out of the body I knew I didn’t belong in. if my being completely honest I’m fucking glad I didn’t break because I now know I AM Nyella Beatrice Love and she would not have been able to walk these streets and make the moves she’s making as flawlessly as she is now–if i gave up. I understand that this is going to be hard and I understand I am going to be going through it a lot of the time I know what’s to come when it come’s to losing people and their acceptance but no longer care. I have waited years for this and now that I am 20 years old. I have all the FREEDOM in the world to do whatever the Fuck Nyella pleases like I have been doing thus far on my own and shining for me this is my journey, my steps, my way and I have done this BY MYSELF. I am self made I’m demanding that people respect my gender pronons She/Her.”

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