Nichalas Brown /

“Growing up in a Christian family, I was taught that being gay was a sin, and I wasn’t allowed to talk about ‘these acts’ without getting condemned. At the age of 13 I started having feelings for the same sex, barred from Talking about it in my family, I took the chance to tell my school’s guidance counsellor about it. to date that’s the most ‘Treacherous act’ I’ve done in my entire childhood.

The guidance COUNSEllor SHARED what I told her with my mum, and as a result I was punished. My eldest brother was my father figure, and so he took the responsibility of SCOLDING me, time and time again. He would call me ‘battyman’, ‘fish’, ‘PUSSYhole’ these are bitter heart punishing words. For 6 years I lived with my abusive brother, he would beat me up for whatever REASONs.

I wasn’t Allowed to look or talk to another boy for long periods of time, else I would be punished for it. At one point I thought I only lived to get beaten up, and still couldn’t truly be the boy I am. I tried suicide 3 times, and that only made things worse. I was locked away without much freedom, all I had were my dogs and study books.

I knew I had to find away to get away from all of that abuse and With the help of An organization called rainbow RAILROAD, I was rescued. Today I live in Argentina, where I work as an LGBTQI And HIV Activist, doing my best to help others from my country to escape much worse prosecutions, and to settle here in Argentina as I did.”

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