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“I have been recently coming out for the past few years. i come from a very conservative family and upbringing but a liberal city. i am not out to my family but i have been coming out to friends and coworkers. i like to travel by myself a lot.

on my most recent trip, there was someone who asked me if i wanted to go home with him and when i refused and kept saying no. he asked if i was seeing someone. i replied with “yes,, my girlfriend.”. suddenly, he got very awkward and tried to reassure me that it was okay for me to be” a homosexual”. I didn’t feel the need to correct him. (note: the way he said “homosexual” almost made me laugh, it was as if he was trying to be very polite with a taboo word.)

but even after that, he kept asking if i wanted to go home with him..

i could see it in his action that he doesn’t believe me. it never bother me whenever people brush my sexuality aside but it bugged me this time because even after i said i was in a relationship, the guy wanted me to go home with him.

I have many stories of people not REALIZING their action and words around me. but this was the first time someone ACTIVELY IGNORED my words. I found it an interesting interaction and thought that there is still a long way to go for people to understand that no means no, regardless of my relationship status and SEXUALITY.”

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