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“The day I decided to come out to my religious folks was back in my senior year of h.s. class 2000. My dad and i were truly best friends I felt like we were always laughing at our silly jokes. we always created new drawing ideas and some type of song would be made up as we drew together him in his sketch book and i in mine. these were the good old days until he began to get brain washed at his parish. The day I came out to him was right before my senior graduation. i began crying heavily one day in my room because I was going through the teen trouble relationship. my dad being the great and understanding man that he was at that time came to my side and ask what the matter was. That’s how I began to him my feelings towards women and I was confused about the whole thing… Then he reached over and grabbed the bible and told me to read. to this day my dad dont share the same silly jokes and laughter. Even the drawings have erased and our laughter has become silent.”

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