I’m sorry mom and dad

Martin /

“Oh how much i hate my country, city, “friends”….. The shit i had to go through and still going through is just not what i deserve, i’m just a 15 year old! As a gay person living in this country is just dumb. I fear that if i tell my parents they will kick me out…. A few people know this but, it’s time to speak up. I’m fed up of this messed up life! I deserve freedom and not homophobic parents! Please help…. I’m sorry dad for not making you proud in the future and leaving you with a man married to a man, and mom, sorry, sorry that you’ll never see me with my biological kid. But it’s not easy living with discriminative parents who call gay people ‘faggots’. I hope when i tell you my true self you’ll accept and value the bravery that it takes to do that! Every day is a struggle and I’m learning that the hard way, my panic attacks are a mess and my social anxiety is messed up. School is just pure hell, my teachers are extremely homophobic and my schoolmates as well…… Thank you for reading.”

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