“Hey, I don’t know if you’ll share this or not, but as soon as I came out everything changed I was so scared I can’t go to town with my friends without people being rude, I’ve had someone come up to me and say, I’m gonna have sex with you and humiliated me in front of everyone I’ve had these 2 lads pretend to have sex with me while I was at my local youth club and made me embarrassed. Recently Iv’e had a couple of break downs that have lead to self harming because of stuff like this going on people are so cruel they fear people that are different. But I’m still here and I’m still being myself and living my life to the fullest and I haven’t fully accepted my self yet but when the day comes it will be the best day ever. Thanks and remember everyone, don’t be afraid to be your self they are gonna be people that put you down but you have to remember being your self is the most beautiful thing ever. Love”

Ben emailed us asking to add the update below about his life…

“Well my story got posted on here a while ago, it was a pretty hard time for me back then so it was pretty much a depression post but here’s some positivity.
I’m doing pretty well i came out to my parents.
They were fine with it, I’m on some medication that’s working amazing i feel like my old self before puberty happened and that I didn’t realise I was gay, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality I still got a bit go before I can truly say I’m 100 percent comfortable with it.
But here’s to anyone that’s doubted there selves
This is not a phase
It’s real feelings, it’s not un -natural it’s a real genuine feeling that you’re feeling right now!! it’s gonna be hard when you wanna come out!! but for me it took a massive weight of my shoulder but come out whenever you feel ready!!
And remember you’re loved!!

P.s thanks y’all for taking the time to read this, means a lot”

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