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“I left Homs because my neighborhood was under attack, it was bombed many times. I moved to Lebanon to try to find a job. I found work at the hammam giving massage… I was obliged to work like this so I can assist my parents in Syria. It also provided me a place to stay and not pay rent. I used to work for two months, go back to Homs for a short time, then come back again. One evening in August 2014 we were raided by the police… They punched and kicked me. They put a black cloth bags over my head. They continued to punch and kick me. I would never know where it was coming from. They were doing the same to the others. Sometimes we were alone in a room, sometimes there were two or three of us. We could hear each other being tortured. This went on for three days. They would beat us with water tubes… They beat me a lot. If they asked a question and it wasn’t what they wanted to hear they would start beating me again… I refused to give names.

After three days the eleven Syrians, four Lebanese and one Iraqi were taken to Zahle Prison. As Gad walked down the hallway two men took him aside, took him to another level of the prison, into a cell where he was beaten by two men. Then one went to the door, the other took him to the bathroom he took out his dick and forced me to suck him. Once he was finished he sent him in the other guy. After he was finished the third came in and tried to sodomize me. I started to cry and begged him to stop “I’ll kiss your hand, God bless your parents, please stop.

After 28 days they were released. They will appear in court charged with “Homosexuality” under article 534 of the Lebanese Penal code which prohibits having sexual relations that “contradict the laws of nature” and is punishable by up to a year in prison.

Despite us trampling on our humanity, they cancel our dignity, they braze on our hearts… just because we are gays
Injustice… a word means breaking the wings of the heart and blow up the basics of humanity and it is the biggest fear in our lives.
Despite that I look normal to others but… Silence lives inside me in the darkness of fear and a despotic desperation…which settled in the hidden parts of the soul.”

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