Ayano /

“as far as i can remember,i was taught to hate lgbt community.my country is religious so are my family members. i remember,when i had girl crushes.i was so terrified,i thought i was a sinful and disgusting person. I tried not to think about it anymore…i became depressed,anxious and scared. this continued for several years.when i was 14,one day,i just got tired of it.i came out to my closest friends.surprisingly,they welcomed me and gave me a big warm hug.but not all people are like this…i have a girlfriend now,and when we walk while just holding hands,we get nasty looks and comments… even on social media is so much hate towards us… what did we do so wrong to get so much hate? i cry myself to sleep when i hear that more and more lgbt people are getting murdered in city i live….”

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