Lauren /

“Raised in a christian family in the uk, but originaly from south america. I was born different, not girly, but rough and a tomboy and whilst i was growing up i wAnted to be a Boy and have a girl Friend. My family always observed my behaviour and always kept an eye on me as they sensed it. When i was 15 i met The love of my life at my church. We started off as friends, but then we GOT closer and cloSer and started developing Feelings for one Another. Some of our friends started realising we were Far too cloSe, and so Did our parents. Then eVeryones missiOn became to separate Us, but we continued with this forbidden love, they classified as sin and going agaisnt gods natUre. Before we moved in together they caught us and Seperated us, and they sent the love of my life away to souTh america. She gave up as we were far and suffering. Our Families got what they wanted eventually, and now i have to pr tend its all ok and that i no longer feel this love for her.”

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