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“My name is Jelani Kyrie Kabita. I wasn’t born with this name, I wasn’t born with this body, I wasn’t born with this state of mind. For 20 years I lived in denial but I was trapped personally internally with family morals and religion barriers. When I was put into custody of New York State I was free – I didn’t have the same life anymore. The universe gave me what I asked for. The circumstances were unfortunate but it was a blessing in disguise. Don’t get me wrong I was depressed and had issues controlling anger. That state of mind got to me every now and again but my comeback game is strong.

I’ve learned to take all my goods and bads and throw that whole concept away. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, its your choices that matter for how the response will affect your life.

Compassion is a hard thing to understand until you open up your heart forgive those who hurt you, but without those moments you wouldn’t know Joy. I’m not justifying their actions but to set your soul free you have to let go of those low vibrational thoughts that are killing your aura and physical self. Forget revenge and focus on compassion and forgiveness to yourself and others.”

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