18 year-old, black/African-American, bisexual girl Arbrene Ellison with her 20 year-old African-American, Transgender Male bisexual boyfriend Kaiden M. Corbin. Both are homeless in New York City. Behind the scenes photography and video and assistant: Juan Pablo Ampudia, juanpablo@cuartocreativo.com. Phone +52 1 55 8676 5741. Photography by Robin Hammond, pitures@robinhammond.co.uk. Editor: Mallory Benedict, Mallory.Benedict@natgeo.com, +1 202.791.1282. 04 April 2019

Arbrene /

I’m not on my own because I’m a difficult girl. I’m on my own and responsible for myself because I refuse to ever bow down and submit. I believe that I’m respectable until disrespected and I’m fair.  When I’m wrong I’m wrong, when I’m right I’m right, and I’m not backing down when I’m right. I left a disfunctional family that’s getting ripped apart from its deep, tragity – soaked, roots. From abuse, addictions, dark unspoken dirty deeds, misunderstandings, silenced truths, and secrets that will go 6 feet deep, to being on my own. Happy and free. I’m on my own because I know what I do and don’t deserve. I deserve to be happy.”

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