31 year old, African American, transgender woman Chyna Gibson was shot dead on Saturday 25 February 2017 outside a New Orleans shopping center. Photographed at their home in New Orleans are ChynaÕs 54 year old aunt, Lolita Gibson (in white t-shirt), and cousins, 25 year old Sylvia Gibson (wearing hat) and 30 year-old Donika Jackson. Behind the scenes photography and video and assistant: Myles Golden, mylessgolden@gmail.com, Phone +1 757 751 3135. Photography by Robin Hammond, pitures@robinhammond.co.uk. Editor: Mallory Benedict, Mallory.Benedict@natgeo.com, +1 202.791.1282. 10 March 2019

Chyna /

  • written by Donika Jackson & read by Sylvia Gibson (Chyna’s cousins)

“Losing Chyna was one of the worst days that our family has had to endure. Her death is a wound that is gone unhealed and 2 years and 14 days later we still have no justice, only heartbreak and memories. We all loved Chyna and she felt that love because we never judged her. Everyone that knew Chyna knew she was very goofy, very loving, caring, she loved to sing, dance the stage was her platform. I’ve never thought in a million years that on Febuary 25th 2017 that I would recieve the worst news of my life that my cousin Chyna was murdered in cold blood. It felt unreal and I was in disbelief and I was just numb! I wanted to know like who would do something like that to her, I mean our whole family wanted to know. She didnt do anything to deserve what happened to her and how it happened to her. Chyna was not only a beautiful face with a joyful personality, but a voice for millions just like her and we pray for justice and that Chyna’s story does not end here.”

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