Zulfikar Fahd /

“Yesterday was the most historic day of my life. Canada granted my asylum claim, and from now on I’m able to permanently reside in this country with a chance of being a citizen in a few years.

It was an intense 75-minute hearing where the immigration judge asked me 20+ tough questions regarding LGBTQ persecution in Indonesia. I provided 91 pages of evidence, showing the Indonesian police’s systematic violations of the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights and the government’s failure to protect its citizens from cruel, degrading & inhuman treatments.

Glad I didn’t hire a lawyer. Representing myself enabled me to speak from the heart, and I believe I spoke for most of LGBTQ Indonesians who’ve endured too many years of insult in a culture broken by homophobia & Muslim conservatism.

I’m grateful to be welcomed by a country that believes in equality & inclusiveness. Canada is officially home now, and I’m looking forward to dreaming bigger, loving harder and living better.”


Read Zofikar’s original testimony about leaving Indonesia, shared with Where Love Is Illegal : https://whereloveisillegal.com/zulfikar/

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