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“Hey I’m a 19 year old lesbian from Kenya still in college. I came out to my family last Year January and they did not take it like I thought they would mum was violent to me even though I thought she was the one who would be on my side she threatened to kill my Girlfriend and ruin her life that caused a breakup between me and my girlfriend it was the worst thing I ever felt.. she took us to a police station to write a statement about being lesbians

Our phones were tracked so that we could not communicate… While in school I used to avoid her because I was scared of what mum would do to her. One night I had reached my breaking point and I almost committed suicide because of how much I was struggling my relationship with my parents had changed and they mistreated me and called me the child of a devil

I’m a catholic so I went in for confession and the priest condemned me too, my Girlfriend on the other hand did not care about the threats from my mum she still begged me to stay and I live because of her love she gives me hope that Tommorow will be a better day

I moved out from home this year January the 4th Because I couldn’t take the mistreatment any longer it wasn’t healthy for me to stay there I was Depressed and spent most of the time alone in my bedroom.. I’m living with my Girlfriend right now she always tells me she’s Got me and she really takes care of me my parents refused to pay fees for my finall academic year so I’m looking for a job to clear my fees so I can graduate

My Girlfriend hasn’t come out to her parents yet and I told her to do it when she’s ready and stable both financially and mentally… It is really painful to loose parents through being yourself I hope that one day they will realize that different isn’t wrong.

Prayer and support to everybody going through what I am going through… Let’s Get Better Together ❤Love is love 🌈”

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