Shei /

“I was naive to think that People around me would still love me no matter what my sexual orientAtion is.
I met a girl, i fell in love without knowing it. It was the moSt beautiful feelIng i’ve felt in my liFe. I’ve found myself there and i know it for sure.
After cOming out, my mom Dissed me. My sister threatened my life. My friends walked away. Was that not enough? Unfortunatelly no, those who I Once called my best friends stole my documents so i could not come to europe and live with the love of my life. They put drugs in my coffee that put me into sleep for 15hours. They thought, if i stay in indonesia, i can be “CURED”. my mom forced me to go to therapist. I would nothing more than to die at that moment of my life. I had no help. No laws protectiNg lgbt+ in indoneSia. Instead, They treat me like a diseasE. They treat me even worse than just a trash. It was traumatized and i was alone.
But I will never regret For coming out. I will never regret for being honest about my feeling because From all the tragedies that happened to me. I found myself and it is beautiful.
If I had to do it again, i would not do any differently. I will still stand up for my feelings even if the world try to bring me down.”

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