Mike & Nasiir /

“Let’s talk about mentality
or maybe the intersectionality
While moving through a fucked up society
While being black, trans, and queer a black
woman’s body

Then I questioned “Why am I not enough?”
I have a womb that brings life into this world
It’s not like I can wash this melanin off
But I guess “equity” isn’t a word

Will I forever be a prisoner of words?
See me
Why Aint I enough?
Love me

I am more than your expectations
Having to do daily Affirmations
You might think it’s an exaggeration
As I walk through this nations
Because of my gender and sex
Asking me why I chose this lifestyle
I wonder why your Bible lies
And no one hears my cries
And you wonder why I chose to die

Will I forever be a prisoner of words?
See me
Why ain’t I enough?
Love me

The ground is crumbling beneath my feet
Who’s gonna catch me when I lose sight?
Lose sight of humanity
What has our world become?
When can we ever unite as one?
One nation, one heart, one human race
We’re all trapped in this place
Like we are in prison cells
Waiting for the prison bells
For us to be set free
And do whatever our hearts please
Bringing others down to their knees
Ignoring their cries and pleas

My mind is like a battlefield, wrong step I might
lose a part of me
Holding on to what’s left of my hopes and dreams
Even though it felt like I lost everything
My heart is still hanging on a thin string

One day I wanna wake up to the sun
Where we are all united as one
Free to be ourselves but does anyone give a damn
To lend out a helping hand
To help those in need and those in distress”

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