Lindeka /

“Hey people, my name is Lindeka Stulo let me tell You about my story starb and attack one day

At the hospital I felt that I will never trust men Bcoz you thing it is a nice guy but inside He full of evil since then I hate men

To be a lesbian in my township is the hard Thing bcoz as lesbian we like hot galz

The hater will say you thank hot galz the Be fuck buy the real thing a gigi or else

Let me show you.

So I am fraid to go out at nyt you will Never the sames the standing the waiting For me that is my fear

Ever since my friend was killed I hate men 

The guy who killed my best friend I know Him but I never knew that he will suck thing

He raped my friend and kill bcoz he knew That my friend will tell police and people In the commute He disaid to kill her.”

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