Boniwe /

“I am Boniwe, mother of Nontsikelelo Tyatyeka. It is difficult to move on and continue with life after losing Ntsikie because she was a child who made me very happy. In life, she loved making jokes, creating laughter, writing and dancing.

If I was upset, she would make jokes and I would find myself laughing. Sometimes when she did wrong and could see I was upset she would go out and leave. Upon returning from work the next day, I would find a message written by Ntsikie pasted on the fridge or placed next to my bed stating how she felt about it and apologising.

Nontsikelelo to me, was different to her sisters and thus will remain in my heart. Even now when I’m on the go, I am always looking out like I will hopefully see Ntsikie. Nitsikie was a child with dreams.”

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