Kurt & Fletcher /

We watched Star Trek and Ninja Turtles. The closest MacDonalds was 750kilometres away. There were 60 people in our town- I think 15 of those were kids. It was very remote, without the noise or buzz of the city- just peace. The people in our village were like one big, happy family. But when people learned that I was gay I lost all of that. People ostracized me and I spent a lot of time alone. I used to dream about running away but never did because I loved my family too much. On reflection the single hardest thing growing up gay was how it made Fletch feel having an older gay brother; how much he was judged by his mates and how hard that would have been for him to come to terms with his own sense of self.” Kurt & Fletcher are brothers and best friends from Australia. Both of them are gay. Their childhood was difficult but now both are strong happy men. “In hindsight we love where we are from- the isolation, our difference, it shaped who we are as adults- two strong, confident men who love life and recognise that with the right attitude and family you can achieve anything that you set your soul to. You live once. Dance! the adventure that the world has gifted you is exceptional. Love will always win unequivocally. xx”

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