Domi /

“Hi! I’m from Brazil, and I’m currently in high school. I like to read, watch movies and listen to alternative music. Not much different than others, except for the fact that I like boys. I’m not quite sure when I figure that out, but I believe it was quite early, and I’ve never hated myself for that, but I can’t say the same about my parents. I came out to my closest friends when I was 14, and my parents turned out to discover when I was 15, and since that my life has been really hard. My dad accepts me but my mom doesn’t. She moved me away from my school and friends, she doesn’t let me go alone anywhere, and tells me I’m the shame of the family. Half of the people in Brazil thinks the same way, they get drunk, betray, lie, fight, steals, break laws, but they judge, bully, hunt,and kill you if you love somebody that has the same gender as you. They do not agree with the laws that give permission to gay people to get married or to adopt, they say that the portray of gay people on tv shows brings out the perverse side of children. That’s bul****t. I truly hope it changes, I hope that gay people stop with the suicide. I love myself and I also love everybody who hates me. I believe that someday they will learn that I’m not worse or better of them just because I’m a boy that likes boys. Things will always get better. That’s how I live, that’s what happens here and that’s who I am. Just be happy being yourself.”

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