Kayo /

“i think i always knew that I was and i am gay, when i really confirmed this to myself i started to fight against my sexuality, cause i knew that my family will never approve this fact, i was praying and asking why i born gay, i hated think that i was gay, i didn’t wanna be gay, because i grow listening horrible things about being gay, the people’s make this seens like the worst thing at this world. i was just a kid beginning the adolescence and i didn’t have no one to look at me and say “Kayo, it’s okay be gay”
but my cousins that i love and im so grateful for have in my life started to show me that they’re loved me and accept me independently of my sexuality and i started to accept myself, today i am 16 years old and i love who i am, i fight against some homophobic thoughts of some people’s of my family, but i never been more proud of who i am, even knowing that maybe all freedom that we Brazilians gays conquered is dangerously in trouble because of Bolsonaro, i will never hide myself and deny myself again.
(sorry for the English, i only know the basic so i don’t know if i done this right)”

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