Jazmine and Kristopher /

“Dating while trans has never been as simple as this. Me and kris have been together for 8 months going strong. It has been such an easy ride and so seamless. In the talking stages, we were able to cut out the generic script we both are so use to as trans individuals – the script where we have to explain (normally to our cis-gendered interest) our gender, our story, things to not say, what puts me at danger etc. These are things that we don’t mind explaining, but it can get very repetitive and very daunting. We skipped all of this. We got right into getting to know one another. It was a breath of fresh air for the both of us, a sense of relief that you can let your guard down because not only does this person understand you but they have also experienced the same things you have. 

Every week, we both have our HRT medication that we must inject. We do each other’s shot for one another and it has been a huge relief and aid to us. Especially since we both understand the capacity of it, it’s a very safe space and has been a wonderful addition to being with someone who is trans. 

Being in a relationship with another trans person and having that sounding board where you get to share experiences and connect on a deeper perspective has been crucial to us. It’s finally a safe space to discuss the trial and tribulations the world has imposed on us. We don’t always spend our time just speaking on our poor experiences though. We also share ideas on how we want to give back to our queer community and ballroom, sharing advice as well to young trans boys and girls, who are so thirsty for love because they were stripped of adolescent love in high school due to their differences. These kids are just as hungry to be seen, loved, and heard, just like Jazmine and I once were. When you are so deprived of love and connection you start to settle for whoever will simply make eye contact. Me and Kris like to remind the next generation that there is indeed someone out there who will look at you as the most beautiful/handsome person in the world, someone who will share with you all their friends and family, someone who will understand you and your past without holding it against you. Simple reminders like this can keep these kids out of dangerous situations where they may be settling for someone that doesn’t see their true well-being. 

Our “trans-ness” aside, we truly are just a regular couple. We like to cook often together as it saves us a lot of money, haha! We try to sneak in a date night once a week, and we love to share our day and thoughts at the end of the night in bed together. Kris is my perfect counterpart. While I can be very out-going, loud, and crave the spotlight, he is never dimming my light. He is so protective of me and his only concern is my safety as a women. Jazmine is my perfect counterpart, she keeps me grounded, is incredibly nurturing and always patient. We hope this story inspires young queer kids, especially queer kids of colour, that love is something in reach for you, love is something you are deserving of, love is not limited for you and love can be a beautiful thing for you. Don’t settle!”

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