Jacques Paul / ,

“I knew i was different in a special way already as a kid. i’d play with barbie dolls. i’D PLAY WITH SWORDS. i’d play with pokemon. I’d play with cars. i didnt understand why there were rules attached to gender roles. why could anyone else decide how i should behave when im having fun. i felt limited. so i decided to not follow gender rules.

born into a christian orthodox family in sweden, i was stuck in a conservative mentality in a liberal enviroment. no questions about it.

gold jewellery, especially golden earrings, are seen as feminine in middle eastern society. whereas a strong beard portrays masculinity. i love combining them. Because it is only when you stop caring about the black and white definitions of masculinity vs femininity that life becomes colorful. and boy, am i colorful. im brown. im golden. im a child of the sun. a child of the rainbow.”

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