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“J&Q are a lesbian married couple though not recognized because in Uganda society lesbianism as an abnormality, an outcast, a disease that needs to be cured.

Time and again we have to pretend to be sisters to fit in our society especially in our neighborhood where we reside.

We have been attacked verbally by people (men) who have noticed we are a couple. One time a group of men walked up to us at a night club and sought our company. When they realized that we are together, they started throwing insulting words like ‘you need to be raped to rid of your stupidity of liking a fellow girl.’ We have had drinks poured onto us and bottles thrown at us so our social life is very limited in fear of our life.

We rarely spend years in the same house due to the constant suspicious from fellow neighbors so we are always on the move and trying to invite a few male colleagues to come around and visit us in pretense of being our boyfriends.

Neighbors are usually poking at us and at one time we got some try to peek at us while shoring, it’s been tough as we never feel safe.

We can’t publically we are married especially since the bill had been passed and thus caused more awareness and polluted very many Ugandans minds against the LGBTIQ community which has also made living in Uganda as a lesbian a dangerous thing.

We try to live one day at a time ignore to see those call us ‘basiyazi’ & try to put a smile to block the emotional stress and psychological torment we come across. We try to limit our encounters even at our work places since our colleagues too were whispering about our love gestures, so no more flower deliveries or any PnA.

Right now our only hope is that the anti-homosexuality not be retabled so that we can live a more peaceful life, even if it’s a closeted one especially from our family members.”

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