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My name is Isabella Gamk and I am a late bloomer. What I mean by this is that I never started my physical transition to becoming a woman until age 56. I knew since age 12 that I should have been born female and I finally got became one at age 59. When I was young I sometimes used to sneak home from school early and dress in my sister’s clothes and use my mom’s makeup  unbeknownst to anyone and I kept that a secret most of my life. In my late teens and periodically throughout my life I sometimes went to Bathhouses and dressed in women’s lingerie but wasn’t really accepted. I knew I wasn’t gay because I wasn’t really attracted to gay men and wasn’t quite sure where I fit in.

Today I am 62 years old and have accomplished a lot in the short time since I started hormone replacement therapy 6 years ago.  

In 2018 I started POOF Protecting ODSP OW Funding, POOF as in ‘POOF! We’re here!’ and it’s also an acronym for Protecting ODSP OW Funding, to fight against the poverty and homelessness of disabled and poor people. We have done many many protests against poverty and homelessness, many of which were street blocking protests. We haven’t received a lot of media attention, or coverage, but we have made a difference and gotten people talking about and supporting our issues and demands. This fight continues. 

This year, 2022, I ran for Mayor of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and did manage to get 1149 votes. I didn’t win. Considering that I had very little help with my campaign and couldn’t get airtime and mainly relied on Social Media, I did ok.

I am also an artist and poet. I would love to see the world turned into a better place for all. 

In the photo, the smaller Chihuahua is named Sparkle and the larger Chihuahua is named Glisten. They are my emotional support animals that help me deal with my medical issues and daily stress and anxiety.”

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