Fu'aad /

“I’m “Fu’aad ” don’t want to mention my full name, I was born in Besra in Iraq age 21 years old ,since i was a kid I loved to watch the body of a senior man and I attracted to them, I do not know I’m gay or not, I have a respectable family and religious and we Muslims know that feelings and this behavior is very wrong in our society and in our religion in terms, my father and my mother is very affectionate to me and I have a brothers and sisters and i love them all and I have no problem with the my family but they don’t know what I’m thinking about and what i want… I really gravitated to older men more than women and girls. I know a man in the public market soon in our house, i fell in love with all him details, “do not want to mention his name,” he is a handsome and elderly too, fell in love in his presence in my life . Two years ago we got to know each other He trusts me and I tusted to him , He told me all his secrets and always told me about his life and history step by step I attracted more to him yet i was showing him a sex clips he asked to me to bring it for him , Even at this moment I see him daily , when one day we don’t see each other we got lost , its love really love i know that he is jealousy of me when i talk with my friends or girls and i started jealousy of him and watching him becarfuly , after one month ago i was in car with him i wanted to arrive him to his house in car he always says to me to do not talk his secrets to anyone he did many faults in his life ..etc .. when we was in car i talked to him i have something to tell you but you must not be angry and i want you to be quiet when i ask he said “okay” , but in that moment i cant told him i want to see you all naked bcz of shy i tried but cant he told ” if you dont tell me you will not see me again ! ” he pressed to me to talk i said okay ” i want see you naked ” suddenly he got angry and got out of car i said him stop i want to explain it to you he left … after that day i came to his market he got very angry of me and said if you talk about that again i will not forgive you he thought i want sex of him i explained to him all i want but i though he will do it for me , he told it’s sin …. so i got sad and he said last night I did not sleep well because of thinking that talk when you told me that words ” i want see you naked ” he said i told why you told like that !!so i forced to told him i’m sorry … my story its long but its a Shortcut of it .. and i want to ask for all friends is there anyone like me loves older men ?? and if we love them what is our sin i was born on that emotional…so what is my sin ..!!”

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