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“Ever since I was a young girl I knew I wasn’t like everyone else. I remember when my aunt would bring home her beautiful friends over and I couldn’t help but wish I was older so I could be with them. I never knew what bisexual meant until I was about 7 or 8. Later I came out to my father at age 11(who was very supportive). I also came out to my homophobic mother at age 11 or 12. My mother was not very pleased and started saying homophobic slurs to me but mostly when she was drunk. Looking back on it was a lot of the time. Ever since I was 10 I’ve faced depression, anxiety, and self harm issues. Now not all of it was from not being accepted as a LGBTQ+ in my mom’s family but it certainly made things a lot worse. I am now trying to get help and am in a happy relationship with my trans boyfriend(who my mother greatly disapproves of). Even though I haven’t faced everything yet I just want LGBTQ+ members of all races, genders, and religions to know that at some point it will get better. It may be a long or short road I don’t know but you will get over this storm. You are not alone.”

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