Eddy Love (not real name) is a 35 year old bisexual man. He explains that living in a country where the LGBT community are so stigmatized means one finds it difficult to report sex crimes to the police or even talk about same sex rape. “It pains me a lot about what they have done,” says Eddy when talking about the gang rape by five men that he survived as a young man. Ghana. 13 March, 2018. Photo Robin Hammond/Witness Change

Eddy Love /

“Edwin Luv is my name. I’m 35 years of age. Live in Accra, Ghana. I was born to believe as a lady. But after completed my GSS, I was practice in dance performing in national theater. I then met one of my lecturer who said he want to be my friend. And I said okay. After that, he take me out and after everything I came to his house. We slept there. And after everything, he said Edwin, this is what I want to show you. I said really what is that? He just took out a lubricant and a condom. And he said I want you to penetrate me. I said we are all men. What am I coming to do?

He just took the lubricant, use it on my dick. And he said lay down and I will sit on you. So when he sits on me and we’re … he said I should fuck you okay. He said after everything, he said I would let you do both. This is we call it vet. I said okay. So later on when I fuck him, he also do the same to me. After three month and he left back to Spain. After left back to Spain, after he left back to Spain, one of our guys also saw me, and he invited me to his place, not knowing they were top five and I don’t know there were guy in the room.

They were hiding in the room. I thought it was one of my friend. So after doing all the sexual thing and we have done everything, I saw the five guy came out and he said, we are also going to do the same thing. I said what is the meaning of this? I told my friend, what is the meaning of this? But you haven’t told me there’s another guy also there. The guy said unless you also do the same thing before we go out. I said what is the arrow? They said we are all tops. I said come on. Top guys five can not be having sex with me. They said they want to do it.

I don’t have any option because the room is locked and I can’t go anywhere so I have to accept what they are coming to do. So I just leave myself all the five had sex with me on that day. I told my friend they haven’t try at all. Even if you want to do something, at least he have to inform me that this is what’s going on so I know maybe I’m the only bottom guy and they are the five. Without telling me that thing, it’s very painful. I was very, very, very painful on that day.


In this life or this relationship of sexual relationship, we’re in Africa, but it’s not legal here. That’s when we are doing this, we have to be open up no. Because when the government is allowed people to do that kind of thing in Ghana, and when you have privilege to do everything that you wanted here. You can even go anywhere, do whatever you want. But it’s not like they accepted it here to open up, okay, I know what I’m doing.

You see, when you are doing certain things, you have to be in yourself. The way that I’m doing with my boyfriend, I can’t be walking and holding each other, kissing outside because it’s not allowed here. Unless I’m in the room with my partner that we know what we are doing. After being that, when I’m going out, there’s nothing show. That one you’re fine. Because when you are doing certain things, in this, in our community, and you saw that there’s one person doing something to them, they know this is whatever you are doing.

They can even try to beat you and maybe hate you because of the way that is not [accepted] yet. So when you are doing something, you have to be very careful about this one. I find it difficult to come out the way I am. That is me. And it depend the way you carry yourself too because people normally do thing that is over. No matter how you are, we know we are all men. Some of them are born with and some of them also learn from each other. When you born with this act, it’s different and when you … when you born with this gay life, it’s different. Then you have to say one of my friend is also doing it, so let me also do it now.

So I find it difficult that if people are learning from each other about this one is also doing it. Let me also do it. It’s very wrong. When I always said, when you’re born with it, in this sexual life, this gay life, it’s different from you have to learn it in some way.”

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