Drica is a transgender woman and LGBT health advocate. She works with transgender women, educating them on proper condom use. Many in the Mozambican LGBTQI+ community site stigma in healthcare as an impediment to transgender women seeking treatment. Drica has experienced this first hand: “When they called me there, the documents on the form they called Alfeu [Drica’s birth name]. And to me this is a very ugly thing, it's a very boring thing. They called me a name, that name ... that name for me is very painful. I'd rather have them call me Drica.” Mozambique. 21 February, 2018. Photo Robin Hammond/Witness Change

Drica /

“I’m Alfeugino Nhacal. I’m 27 years old. I live in Maputo. I came from a very humble family. And I grew up without a father But I’ve always been proud of what I am. And I went through that trajectory from Alfi to Drica. And now I’m a transgender woman. It’s what identifies me and in this struggle of my life I had several difficulties with the rest of my family, with my uncle, in the family. But I explained to them my sexual orientation and I work with trans women promoting condom use. And generally trans women are those who are the key population who hardly have access to information on the correct use of condoms. And I feel happy helping to promote the word about the work I do globally for transgender women and I like what I do helping the next one to prevent HIV and other opportunistic diseases.”

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