Daniel /

“I was raped about my 7 for a friend of family. I was bleeding and he didn’t stop. I never talk with my family about that. I discovered my sexual orientation when I was 9 year old. I fall in love with a mate of my class. But when you live in a country like Portugal, you can’t get out of the closet and say “I am gay”. During my time when I was a kid I heard a lot of comments discriminating me. I always refuse my orientation until my 14 old. Since then I am very happy, proud and more strong. I believe in me. I have a life that belongs to me, no a nobody else. I say to my mum when I was 16. She accepted, in the beginning was difficult for her, but after she treat me like a son that who I am. The most difficult was for my brothers, one of them beat me, he deformed my face. We stop to talk during one year and half. After that he apologized for being a monster and what he wants is my happiness, doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not. I want your happiness because you’re my brother. You deserve it. He say to me. We’re strong enough to en this war against homosexuality. We deserve to live our lives as we want, no like a society mean and want.”

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