40 year old Daniel was afraid to come out to his family, fearing he would be ostracized, however when he did he learned he was one of the lucky ones, his mother accepted him. “Thanks to my mother, I live freely without bias to my orientation. Today I can say, I'm happy.” Maputo, Mozambique. 14 February, 2018. Photo Robin Hammond/Witness Change

Daniel /

“I was born in Maputo. I grew up in a humble family of four sisters, where I am the second child. I’m a father’s orphan. I discovered my orientation at the seminary Christ King through a conversation with a mate. It took me a long time to admit to it to the family because of my fear to their reaction. I went through various psychological therapies, one of which was remarkable. Because it was the day of revelation for my mother with the help of psychologist. It was a remarkable day because I did not expect her reaction. She welcomed me as a friend and then I began to live my orientation freely. Thank God I did not suffer any bias in the family because of my orientation.”

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