Anthony G /

“My name is anthony, im 24, maybe 25 by the time you read this. On the left photo i am 15, on the right i am 24, on my wedding day to the love of my life. I never thought id live to be this old, its pretty mind blowing to me. Being a husband has always been something i didnt think id make it to. Ive been Out as trans for about 5-6 years, i started my medical transition 4 years ago. For the most part ive had so much support during this part of my life, but ive lost both of my parents for different reasons during this journey, bottom line is lack of true support and acceptance, its been painful. Of course you want those who were supposed to love you unconditionally to accept you for all that you are, but you then reaLize that blood doesnt Always mean family and those who truly love you will always love you and never judge you for things they may not agree with. If theres one thing id want my life to have purpose for, its to let others know that your journey is your own. We transition/come out to allow ourselves to be who we are, not who the world tells us to be. Ive lost a lot being who i am, but i can hold my head high knowing ive been true to me. Dont have expectations for your journey, just focus on loving who you are and who youre becoming, like i said… i wouldve never thought id make it this far, and here i am. Life is beautiful and as many say and i can attest to, it does get better, and if it isnt, it will Get better. Love to all.”

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