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“I am closeted bisexual. I have told my best friend and my sister. They are ACCEPTING and they don’t care who i choose to be with as long as theu are good human beings. But i can not TELL my parents, ever. They are open about the fact that they don’t understand homosexuality. They are even far from understanding other concepts (basically they only understand heterosexuality). My mother is interested to know what these identities are but when i explain, she tells me she can’t accept their existence because this is not how she grew up. She doesn’t hate people, she just can not UNDERSTAND. And if i ever tell them, they won’t hate me, they will think i am just saying something meaningless and quirky and i don’t really mean it. I don’t want to tell them because if i want them to accept me like i am, i should also accept them for who they are (people who can never understand).

No one i know belongs to the LGBT community. Amd my friends are all straight. For some people, its just a laughing matter. If two girls are standing close, they joke about lesbian marriage being legal now. I can never come out to them. They won’t be hostile, but i think it will be awkward.”

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