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“Mine isn’t as sever as the others nothing physically happend to me. But I am in mental pain, I am 17 lesbian Arab I won’t share my location just for the sake of my safety. So I’ve been battleing depression since I was 11 I never knew why I was always sad and uncomfortable until I started dating this guy and eventually I realized that he wasn’t my intrest no women are who I love and I feel in love with my best friend being in a Muslim community its hard to talk to people but I thought she’s my best friend she would understand, when I came out to her at the age of 13 (yes I kept it hidden for 2 years) she said that I am sick and I need to go to hell, she never spoke to me ever again and eventually I lost all my friends and my depression grew depper and depper at the age of 14 I tried to commit suicide I saved by my uncle but what followed was not happy my parents locked me up (they never knew that I was neither depressed nor a lesbian) I was grounded for about two year yes I didnt have a phone nor did I hang out with anyone for 2 years as a typical teenager I was devastated I hit rock bottom and until now at my senior year my parents are stick about my hang outs and it my depression is growing inside me but no one knows I didn’t come out to anyone after that and I have issues trusting people I also have a lot of suicidal thought and I became an extremely anti social person, I hope that I’m abel to travel to America for university and find a better more accepting life before it’s too late I want to feel accepted again unfortunately my dad isn’t a big fan of supporting me financially as we last established my existence isn’t really great for him. I hope that I will find a way to be able to pay for my university and be somewhere more accepting I’ve delt with enough mental pain.”

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