“Growing Up in a african houseHold iT was difficult adjusting to life in my native Germany with. Cameroonian mother and a Congolese stepfather my parents divorced when I was three and grew up with my catholic mother african Culture and catholism together is the worSt comBination when that you grow up you know you like men also. Years have passed while growing up I was beaten because i had certain tendencies that a boy was not meant to have and bullied at school i had a huge amount of friends but also a lot of people who dIspised me because i was smart and was able to archieve a lot in life one day while i was drunk with a friend We suddenly had sex and Were caught by a priest who was walking in the area while i was on holiday in cameroon i never ran so hard in my life i Could have been killed or burned for this sort of act when i moved to the netherlands my aunt waS the most homophobic Person on earth that i dispise her My family would rather see a gay person die than support them i am happy to Be living on my Own and having my own life Not worrYing about the things i could get into with my family.”

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