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The Ballroom scene is a place where you can be free,free,free to be you spread your wind and fly high. It’s a multitude of categories that all LGBTQ+ people can participate in. Members of a haus and Attendees with the last name 007 would “walk” these categories for trophies and cash prizes. Most participants in Ballroom belong to groups known as “haus ( houses ) “, where chosen families of friends form relationships and communities separate from their blood families and those currently not in a house carry the last name “007”.  

After the loss of my chosen father “Danger Keon Constantine” Rest In Paradise. I became a haus Mother and Founder of The Royal KiKi Haus Of Poseida in 2020 and a Leader in the ballroom community. I set out to create a warm loving and safe space just like what my father did for me,

Parenting them all to be the best they can be inside and outside of ballroom.

Being Mother of a Haus, it means providing that indescribable feeling of comfort, no matter the age of the person. It’s being that person you call on that makes you feel better and doesn’t even need to say anything.”

As a Haus mother it is one of the most important roles. Not only do I  play a huge role in their lives, caring for them, loving them, teaching them, and so much more. my involvement helps to extend the teaching beyond and creates a more positive learning experience for my ballroom children and allows them to perform better and establishes their confidence and ability.”

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