Shion /

“My sexuality was never an issue to me. I grew up with little contact with other children because the noise and bustle bothered me and my parents had gay friends and has never seemed a problem. It was just natural. But as I grew up and it became clear to my classmates that I had a girlfriend, I found myself realizing that the world outside my home was different. When I was 15, I heard that I was ‘a shitty lesbo’ and was raped BY A CLASSMATE to ‘learn to be a proper girl.’ I didn’t go back to school after that day. SINCE THEN I SUFFER FROM VARIOUS PHOBIAS AND COMPULSIONS THAT KEEP ME FROZEN IN TIME. I NEVER TOLD MY PARENTS ABOUT any of THAT. I tried to go back to school three times after that, but I always panicked. I fainted sometimes I peed my pants sometimes. One day, classmates had to carry me to the toilet and stop the bleeding in my arms after finding me in the classroom. Six years later, I’m still struggling to find a way out. Through art, I hope to heal my wounds, to support those suffering from similar pain, and prevent this from happening to someone else.”

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