Sharon Durrant /

“The homophobic behaviors I have experienced in my life have been subtle and over, intentional and unintentional. None has left me traumatized or endangered. There have been times and places where I remained closeted, and other times and places where I was free to be all I am and where I was at least accepted and even affirmed and welcomed.

Our church is a place where Ellen and I have been accepted as a couple & affirmed as contributing members of the community. It was touching today after the announcement about filming was made from the pulpit that a large number of folks moved into seats behind us. I think they were proud to be filmed! And, they are proud that we are a “welcoming congregation”.


My parents both died young – dad at 56 and mom at 62. When I came out to my mother, one of the things she said was, “It’s a good thing your father is not alive to see this.” I really don’t know how my father would have responded. His younger brother was the only real homophobic in my family, Other aunts & cousins have been very accepting. Before mom died she did apologize to me for saying what she said about dad. Her apology was welcome!.”

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