“Being gay and growing up on a small island in the Caribbean wasn’t quite what i expected it to be i came out gay when i was in primary school not know all the dangers i have set up myself to be in being at the age of 12 not knowing all the problems i would have to endure being gay at age cwas just couple days after i came it it all started i had no peace i was bullied everyday i had no friends on my way home i use to get calll ( battyman ) (bullerman) (fish) all these names stuck in my head trying to forget ever hearing them then i taught when i get to high school it would have been better not knowing that what i was experiencing in primary was only half of what i would have to face in secondary school in secondary school i got beaten up everyday call the same names i had no peace i have to had at the back of the school because i was scared of getting beaten up when its time to go at my home i have to jump river in order for me to get gome without seeing me waiting at the back of the school until everybody is gone and theres nobody around then i came out and go at my home still at my home i had no peace because people from my neighborhood knew i was gay i was scared to even leave my house i spend everyday lock away in my room living in fear of going outside and that somebody is going to beat me up an called me battyman an buller i had no friends nobody i could have talk to and tell how i was feeling i was sick and tired of it i just wanted to disappear and for it to all go away until i got really tired of it and tried to commit suicide couple of times when i couldn’t have done it i turn to cutting my wrist and my legs trying to find something that is more painful than the pain i was feeling living in fear of getting beaten and call even getting a job was a problem because nobody wants to hire anybody who is gay because they knew of the attention it would draw and living on a small island with small minded people up to this day am still scared because i haven’t cone out my shell as yet because having gone through all i been through its a bit difficult because i still need to get use to the fact that am free to be who i want and dress and wear what i want without having to hide who i really am anymore .”

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