Seth (right) and Andrews (left) are a gay couple (not real names). They must keep their relationship hidden from their communities and families or risk, they say, being ostracized or  even killed. Seth said “If people know we are into gay thing, they'll just tease us or maybe we may be banned from this community. That's how this country does.” Andrews still attends school and lives with his family. If they found out he was gay he would lose their support he says: “If my family finds out, they won't give me money for school, you no feed me too, and I have brothers and sisters big one, big one, if they saw me, I'm dead.” Ghana. 10 March, 2018. Photo Robin Hammond/Witness Change

Seth & Andrews /

“Okay. These certain Andrews, ages of twenty-four and twenty, we are couples for a year now. We are very happy and really comfortable with each other. Our difficult challenge is, we want to express ourself in public and freely, but the society don’t accept that act. We can be ashamed and sacked from our community. We just want to be understood and free express our love publicly. Thank you.”

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