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“I have to admit the deviation was always in me, even when I was a kid, but it was really difficult to embrace it and tell it to my parents. I kept it as a secret 18 years from my parents, friends, brothers, relatives but I think my behavior was betraying me. When I finally chose to accept it and tell it to my mother (I will always remember that moment) we were at the living room. She sat by my side that morning and asked if I could get something to tell her. That was when I thought that she was suspecting something and it took like a minute and a half to take the courage and accept it was the moment. She made things softer for me by asking me and my answer was: yes, I’m having a relation of love with someone with my same gender. It is hard for me to explain how her face changed with my answer, then she hugged me and asked me since when was this happening and I answered to her. She hugged me again and whit tears in her eyes she told me that I’ll always be her son, that she will always love me above all things and the way I was. Was at that moment when I understood that I had lost lot of time hidden in the silence and not being able to share my sexuality with my mom. From that moment until now my life have been more free and funny, more lighter and with less silence. We are wrong by thinking that taking this kind of topics to the spotlight with our families will only worsening things. For me everything get better completely. Now I can enjoy my whole family’s love, my brothers, my aunts, my grandma, and also with their advice and support. This has been one of the most important decisions in my entire life. Love is capable of anything.”

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