Sally /

“I am Sally I lived my life with lot of pain and little of happiness, I got raped when I was 6 years old which affect my life in a bad way and that’s and it determined my sexuality and my desires. Since that time I am feeling that I am a female. And a psychological and physical conflict began, unfortunately I was in a society ruled by old Customs and traditions and from another side my society is ruled by religions which strongly refuse my sexuality so I lived wearing the mask of a straight man.

At first it was really hard for me to live under that mask, after that I start to have bad thoughts and I tried to commit suicide many times but I never succeeded then I get raped again which increased my pain and my thoughts about men became worst and weirder.

The problems started in my country and ISIS entered to my area and my situation became worst so I was traveling from one city to another to escape the bombardment and I was very afraid. I was in a relation of one of our neighbours, he was my only shelter and he was the one who made me feel that I am a female and I felt safe with him but this situation doesn’t last for a long time.

ISIS took him and the investigator was one of my relatives and after torturing him he confessed about me and my family knew. I escaped to Lebanon while I am afraid from the anonymous future and I am full of hope that I’ll find comfort and tranquility there. Unfortunately I didn’t found any of these things there but I have the hope to do my sexual transformation surgery and I will be women and I will live my life as I wish.”

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